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AUTHORS: J.J. Robinson, T.G. McEvoy and C.J. Ashworth

KEY WORDS: nutrition, gene expression, reproduction

PAGE: 15-27

AUTHORS: K. Jakobsen and J.E. Hermansen

KEY WORDS: cattle, pigs, poultry, roughage, vitamins, amino acids

PAGE: 29 - 42

AUTHORS: E.R. Orskov

KEY WORDS: environment, climate, feed resources, animal production

PAGE: 43 - 50

AUTHORS: O. Simon, A. Jadamus and W. Vahjen

KEY WORDS: probiotic, bacteria, yeast, fungi, pig, poultry, cattle

PAGE: 51 - 67

AUTHORS: T. Hvelplund, L . Misciattelli and M. R. Weisbjerg

KEY WORDS: undegraded protein, microbial protein, degradability, intestinal digestibility

PAGE: 69 - 85

AUTHORS: J. Voigt and H. Hagemeister

KEY WORDS: dairy cattle, conjugated linoleic acid, trans fatty acids, poly-unsaturated fatty acids

PAGE: 87- 103

AUTHORS: B.D. Kalnitsky and E . L . Kharitonov

KEY WORDS: milking cow, nutrition, metabolism, nutrient utilization

PAGE: 105 - 114

AUTHORS: W. Sauer, J . He, M.-Z. Fan, M. Cervantes, A. Kies and W. Caine

KEY WORDS: ileal digestibility, amino acids, feedstuffs, variation, pigs, methodology

PAGE: 115 - 138

AUTHORS: L. Buraczewska

KEY WORDS: pigs, dietary fibre, NSP, NDF, amino acids, ileal digestibility

PAGE: 139 - 152


KEY WORDS: pathophysiology, post weaning syndrome, nutrition, piglets

PAGE: 153 - 167

AUTHORS: R. Zabielski

KEY WORDS: EGF, IGF, insulin, leptin, colostrum, milk, newborn

PAGE: 169 - 180