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Effect of selected rumen fauna on the digestion of starch and outflow of α-glucose polymers from the reticulo-rumen of sheep


AUTHORS: G. Bełżecki and T. Michałowski

KEY WORDS: starch, digestion, α-glucose polymers, rumen ciliates

PAGE: 215–218

ABSTRACT: The role of rumen ciliates in starch digestion is not well known. The objective of this study was to examine the influence of the ciliates Eudiplodinium maggii and Entodinium caudatum on the turnover of dietary starch in the rumen. It was found that ciliates significantly increased the contents of α-D-glucose polymers in the rumen and their amount passing to the omasum (P<0.05). Competition among the ciliate species for starch was also observed. It is concluded that the effect of ciliates on the metabolism of starch consists of a restrictive influence on the bacterial fermentation of this polysaccharide in the rumen.

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