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Factors in primary production influencing milk quality - session 1


AUTHORS: multiple authors

PAGE: 7-160

1. Sejrsen K., T. Bjørn and S.K. Jensen − Prospects of obtaining favourable fatty acid composition of cows milk by feeding 7-20
2. Swensson C. and H. Lindmark-Månsson − The prospect of obtaining beneficial mineral and vitamin contents in cows's milk through feed 21-41
3. Huhtanen P. and M. Rinne - Effects of increasing the milk yield of dairy cows on milk composition 42-58
4. Danielsson H., B. Johansson, E. Nadeau, K. Persson Waller and S.K. Jensen − Fatty acids and flavours in milk from dairy cows fed no synthetic vitamins 59-64
5. Steinshamn H., E. Thuen and U.T. Brenøe − Clover species in grass-clover silages affects milk fatty acid composition 65-69
6. Zymon M., J. Strzetelski, J. Kowalczyk and S. Osięgłowski − The effects of linseed and rape seed cultivars and fish oil on the fatty acid profile of cow milk fat 70-74
7. Adler S.A. and Å.T. Randby − The effect of preservation method of barley, maturity of grass silage, and type of protein supplement on sensory milk quality in organic farming 75-78
8. Adler S.A. and Å.T. Randby − The effect of fish meal or pea meal on milk fatty acid composition in organic farming 79-83
9. Bolstad T., T.H. Garmo, A. Haug, H. Volden, A. Bernhoft and O.M. Harstad − Effect of white clover rich grass pasture allowance on α-tocopherol and selenium content in cow milk 84-89
10. Czauderna M., J. Kowalczyk, S.K. Jensen, K. Sejrsen and M.T. Sørensen − The use of developed chromatographic techniques to determine vitamin E and conjugated linoleic acid isomers in milk of cows 90-96
11. Kuusela E. and L. Okker − Influence of organic farming practices on selenium concentration of tank milk - a farm study 97-101
12. Randby Å.T. − Effect of propanol and dimethylsulphide in grass silage on organoleptic milk quality 102-107
13. Wiking L. and J.H. Nielsen − Effect of automatic milking systems on milk quality 108-116
14. Michelutti I., K. Haddadi and Y. Le Roux − Staphylococcus aureus related mammary infection in cows: Correlation between somatic cell count and proteolysis during early and chronic phase of infection 117-129
15. Skeie S. − Characteristics in milk influencing the cheese yield and cheese quality 130-142
16. Andrén A. − Influence of genetic milk protein variants on milk quality 143-150
17. Svennersten-Sjaunja K., L. Wiking, A. Edvardsson, A.-K. Båvius, L.B. Larsen and J.H. Nielsen − Effect of frequent milking on milk fat and protein 151-155
18. Schei I., O.M. Harstad, I.J. Karlengen, T.H. Garmo, J. Ødegård and G. Klemetsdal − Effects of spring-calving compared to autumn-calving on the lactation curve and milk quality in Norwegian herds 156-160

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