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Milk quality - a future approach - session 3


AUTHORS:  multiple authors

PAGE: 209-265

24. Abrahamsen R.K., G.I. Borge, O.M. Harstad, A. Haug and A. Wetlesen − Milk quality - a future approach from a researcher's point of view 209-226
25. Refsholt H., J. Brendehaug, A.S. Biong and E. Selmer-Olsen. − Milk quality - a future approach. From the dairy industry's point of view  227-240
26. Andersen H.J. − The issue 'Raw milk quality' from the point of view of a major dairy industry 240-254
27. Nousiainen J., H. Laitinen, A. Mäkelä and E. Brofeldt − Current and future prospects of milk quality from the Finnish dairy industry point of view 255-265

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