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AUTHORS: H.C. Wegener, F.M. Aarestrup, L.B. Jensen, A.M. Hammerum and F. Eager

KEY WORDS: growth promoters, pathogenic bacteria, resistancen

PAGE: 7-14

AUTHORS: Denise Kelly

KEY WORDS: probiotics, commensal bacteria, intestine, oligosaccharides, receptors, immunology

PAGE: 15-23

AUTHORS: F.X. Roth and M. Kirchgessner

KEY WORDS: organic acid, pig, growth promotion, digestibility, microbiology

PAGE: 25 - 33

AUTHORS: K.W. Opalinski, Ewa Dmowska, G. Makulec, Elzbieta Mierzejewska, P. Petrov, S.G.

KEY WORDS: feed additives, antibiotics, soil ecosystem, soil degradation

PAGE: 35 - 43

AUTHORS: B. B. Jensen

KEY WORDS: microbial ecology, young pigs, feed additives

PAGE: 45 - 64

AUTHORS: R. Zabielski

KEY WORDS: regulatory peptides, milk, food, young animals, children

PAGE: 65 - 78

AUTHORS: S.G. Pierzynowski and A. Sjodin

KEY WORDS: feed additives, glutamine, alpha-keto-glutarate

PAGE: 79 - 91

AUTHORS: J.-F. Grongnet and Christine Duvaux-Ponter

KEY WORDS: passive immunity, ungulates

PAGE: 93 - 114


KEY WORDS: NSP, enzymes, poultry

PAGE: 115 - 123


KEY WORDS: NSP, enzymes, poultry

PAGE: 115 - 123

AUTHORS: Stefania Smulikowska

KEY WORDS: viscosity, fat digestion, feed enzymes, chicken

PAGE: 125 - 134

AUTHORS: Hanne D. Poulsen

KEY WORDS: zinc, copper, young pigs, feed additives, nutrition, environment

PAGE: 135 - 142


KEY WORDS: additives, non-digestible oligosaccharides, bacteriocin, synbiotics, intestine, pigs

PAGE: 143 - 154

AUTHORS: R.K. Buddington

KEY WORDS: gastrointestinal tract, bacteria, mucosa, probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics

PAGE: 155 - 165

AUTHORS: C. Simoes Nunes and P. Guggenbuhl

KEY WORDS: salinomycin, piglets, growing-fattening pigs, performance

PAGE: 167- 170

AUTHORS: E.R. Grela, R. Krusinski and J. Matras

KEY WORDS: growing-finishing pigs, antibiotic, herb mixture, carcass quality

PAGE: 171 - 175

AUTHORS: C. Simoes Nunes and P. Guggenbuhl

KEY WORDS: phytases, Aspergillus fumigatus, phosphorus, digestibility, pig

PAGE: 177 - 180

AUTHORS: M.-J. Thaela, M.S. Jensen, S.G. Pierzynowski, S. Jakob and B.B. Jensen

KEY WORDS: pig, pancreas, lactic acid, protein, trypsin, bicarbonate

PAGE: 181 -183

AUTHORS: R. Blank, R. Mosenthin and W.C. Sauer

KEY WORDS: fumaric acid, buffering capacity, ileal digestibility, piglets, microbial metabolites

PAGE: 185 - 189

AUTHORS: Z. Mroz, A.W. Jongbloed, K. Partanen, J.Th.M. van Diepen, K. Vreman and J. Kogut

KEY WORDS: amino acids, ileal digestibility, pigs

PAGE: 191 - 197

AUTHORS: K. Partanen, J. Valaja, Hilkka Siljander-Rasi, T. Jalava and S. Panula

KEY WORDS: amino acids, ileal digestion, pigs

PAGE: 199 - 203

AUTHORS: Hilkka Siljander-Rasi, T. Alaviuhkola and Kaija Suomi

KEY WORDS: pig, performance, antimicrobial feed additives, fibre, organic acids

PAGE: 205 - 209

AUTHORS: Lene L . Mikkelsen and B.B Jensen

KEY WORDS: microbial activity, gastrointestinal tract, performance, piglets

PAGE: 211 - 215

AUTHORS: Danuta Strusinka, Stefania Iwanska and Barbara Pysera

KEY WORDS: alves, digestive acid, body weight, blood serum

PAGE: 217 - 221

AUTHORS: P. van Leeuwen, J. Huisman, H. M. Kerkhof and K. Kussendrager

KEY WORDS: actoperoxidase system, lactoferrin, calves

PAGE: 223 - 228

AUTHORS: M. A. Gralak, Violetta Lesniewska, R. Puchala, W. Barej and E. Dymnicki

KEY WORDS: calf, betaine, choline, growth rate

PAGE: 229 - 233

AUTHORS: J. Matras, R.L. Preston and Renata Klebaniuk

KEY WORDS: leucine, isoleucine, valine, intravenous feeding, growing sheep, nitrogen balance

PAGE: 235 - 239

AUTHORS: J.A. Strzetelski, J. Kowalczyk and Katarzyna Krawczyk

KEY WORDS: probiotics, calves

PAGE: 241 - 244

AUTHORS: Melinda Zomborszky-Kovacs, S. Tuboly, H. Biro, L. Bardos,P. Soos, A.Toth and G. Tornyos

KEY WORDS: nucleotide bases, beta-carotene, immune response, piglets

PAGE: 245 - 251

AUTHORS: Malgorzata Kapica, J.L. Valverde Piedra, T. Studzinski and E. R. Grela

KEY WORDS: lathyrus seeds, pancreatic enzymes, pigs

PAGE: 253 - 257

AUTHORS: J . Decuypere, N. Dierick and S. Boddez

KEY WORDS: immunostimulatory substances, pigs

PAGE: 259 - 265

AUTHORS: Violetta Lesniewska, S.G. Pierzynowski, Helle Nygaard Johansen, Mette Skou Jensen and B.B. Jensen

KEY WORDS: duodenal activity, piglets, weaning

PAGE: 267-270

AUTHORS: Dorota Jamroz and T. Wertelecki

KEY WORDS: blood enzymes, pancreas enzymes, fat, chickens

PAGE: 271 -276

AUTHORS: Jolanta Pierzynowska and Elzbieta Grzesiuk

KEY WORDS: aflatoxin B l , antimutagenic substances

PAGE: 277 - 283


AUTHORS: J.-F. Grongnet and Christine Duvaux-Ponter

KEY WORDS: young animals, mortality

PAGE: 285 - 288

AUTHORS: W. Taljanski-Zygmunt, Elzbieta Grzesiuk, R. Zabielski and S.G. Pierzynowski

PAGE: 289 - 295