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AUTHORS: I. Puzio, M. Bienko and R.P. Radzki

KEY WORDS: chickens, phytase, 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol

PAGE: 291 - 296

AUTHORS: A. Rutkowski and M. Wiqz

KEY WORDS: chickens, whole wheat, xylanase, gizzard, digesta pH

PAGE: 285 - 289

AUTHORS: A. Mieczkowska, V.C. Nguyen and S. Smulikowska

KEY WORDS: dietary fat, fatty acids, breast muscle, abdominal fat, broiler chickens

PAGE: 279 - 284

AUTHORS: J. Barteczko and F. Borowiec

KEY WORDS: broiler chickens, linseed, fatty acids, breast muscle, abdominal fat

PAGE: 273 - 278

AUTHORS: J. Niemiec, M. Stgpiriska, E. Swierczewska, J. Riedel and A. Boruta

KEY WORDS: rape seed, linseed, evening primrose seed, egg quality, TBA, fatty acids

PAGE: 267 - 272

AUTHORS: Pisarski R.K.1 and H.Malec

KEY WORDS: fatty acids, fats, fish oil, chickens, breast and leg muscle

PAGE: 261 - 266

AUTHORS: B.Z. Kaminska, R. Gqsior and B. Skraba

KEY WORDS: yolk lipids, cereals, laying hen

PAGE: 255 - 260

AUTHORS: J. Wolinski, V. Lesniewska, M. Biernat, M. Bqbelewska, W. Korczynski and R. Zabielski

KEY WORDS: contractile activity, duodenum, acetylcholine, development, piglets

PAGE: 249 - 254

AUTHORS: J. Urbańczyk, M. Swiątkiewicz and E. Hanczakowska

KEY WORDS: sows, ad libitum feeding, energy concentration

PAGE: 243 - 248

AUTHORS: A. Lyczynski, Z. Bartkowiak, E. Pospiech, M. Urbaniak, E. Rzosinska and A. Frankiewicz

KEY WORDS: pigs, feeding system, fattening, carcass quality, meat quality

PAGE: 237 - 242

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