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AUTHORS: E.R. Grela, W. Krasucki, V. Semeniuk, S. Pecka and J. Matras

KEY WORDS: fattening pigs, plasma protein, mannanooligosaccharide, immunized egg protein

PAGE: 231 - 236

AUTHORS: A. Frankiewicz, M. Urbaniak, M. Kasprowicz and P. Sawarzynski

KEY WORDS: acidifying preparations, growing pigs, feeding

PAGE: 225 - 230

AUTHORS: M. Fabijanska and M. Bekta

KEY WORDS: naked oat, zeolite, fatteners, digestibility, N balance, gains

PAGE: 219 - 224

AUTHORS: A. Maslanek, M. Flis and J. Falkowski

KEY WORDS: naked oats, growth performance, pigs

PAGE: 215 - 218

AUTHORS: M. Fabijariska, M. Bekta, J.L. Sokol and B. Bobel

KEY WORDS: naked oat, fatteners, meat quality, zeolite

PAGE: 209 - 214

AUTHORS: J . L . Sokol, B.K. Bobel, M. Fabijanska and M. Bekta

KEY WORDS: amaranthus seeds, fatteners, meat quality

PAGE: 203 - 208

AUTHORS: St. Raj, G. Skiba, H. Fandrejewski and D. Weremko

KEY WORDS: pigs, glucosinolates, protein deposition

PAGE: 197 - 201

AUTHORS: G. Skiba, H. Fandrejewski, St. Raj and D. Weremko

KEY WORDS: pigs, compensatory growth, protein utilization, energy utilization

PAGE: 191 - 196

AUTHORS: H. Fandrejewski, D. Weremko, St. Raj and G. Skiba

KEY WORDS: growing pigs, ileal digestible amino acids, protein balance, energy balance

PAGE: 183 - 189

AUTHORS: G. Bełżecki and T. Michalowski

KEY WORDS: pigs, heart, elements, polyunsaturated fatty acids

PAGE: 177 - 182

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