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AUTHORS: J. Skomial, E. Sawosz, M. Gagucki and A. Wrzesińska

KEY WORDS: oil, ascorbate, a-tocopherol acetate, fatteners

PAGE: 171-175


AUTHORS: D. Kotara and B. Fuchs

KEY WORDS: hull-less barley, wheat, maize, starch gelatinization, digestibility, piglets

PAGE: 163-170

AUTHORS: E. Switch and L. Buraczewska

KEY WORDS: legumes, digestibility, protein, amino acids, in vivo, in vitro

PAGE: 159 - 162

AUTHORS: W. Urynek and L . Buraczewska

KEY WORDS: growth period, ileal digestibility, amino acids, young pigs

PAGE: 147 - 152


AUTHORS: G. Bełżecki and T. Michalowski

KEY WORDS: sheep, defaunation, amylolytic activity, Eudiplodinium maggii

PAGE: 141 - 146

AUTHORS: M. Urbaniak, A. Gut, H. Krol , B. Zawadzka, M. Kulik, A. Frankiewicz and A. Lyczyiiski

KEY WORDS: ciliates, sheep, VFA production, molar proportion

PAGE: 135 - 140

AUTHORS: T. Michalowski, G. Bełżecki, J. J. Pająk and E. Kwiatkowska

KEY WORDS: ciliates, sheep, P-endoglucanase, xylanase activities, fibre disappearance

PAGE: 129 - 134

AUTHORS: A. Cieslak, M. Szumacher-Strabel, A. Potkanski, J. Kowalczyk and M. Czauderna

KEY WORDS: ruminal biohydrogenation, fatty acids, fat, sheep

PAGE: 123 - 128

AUTHORS: A. Potkanski, M. Szumacher-Strabel, J. Kowalczyk, A. Cieslak and M. Czauderna

KEY WORDS: sheep, fat, fatty acids, MUFA, PUFA, milk

PAGE: 115 - 121

AUTHORS: A. Potkanski, M. Szumacher-Strabel, A. Cieslak, J. Kowalczyk, M. Urbaniak and M. Czauderna

KEY WORDS: fat, fatty acids, MUFA, PUFA, meat, lamb

   PAGE: 109 - 113

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